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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  May 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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on this day after the long weekend there was no easing back in for donald trump. the candidate unfiltered, unp g unplugged, erupting at the media. remember back in january, trump refused to attend the debate because of his feud with fox news and held a high profile event to raise money for veterans and today he said he wasn't looking for credit and wanted to keep things private. now, he's upset the media che checked where the money went and how much money. that exact figure has been changing the last few month but consistently lower than the $6 million he touted that evening. a few hours ago at a contentious news conference, donald trump finally made the number official. four months after the event s saying the raised 5$5.6 million but he was angry with the media. >> instead of being thank you very much, mr. trump or trump did a good job, everyone saying who got it who got it, who got it and you made me look very
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bad. i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. >> on our online survey tracking poll has trump within two points of hillary clinton in a hypothetical matchup. that difference was four points last week. clinton is still dealing with bernie sanders. she needs 72 more delegates to hit the magic number and secure the democratic nomination. she could get there next tuesday night before california votes but ahead we'll tell you why california could still be critical for clinton. sanders says california is the big enchilada. to help his case there he got tickets to the big game last night, the western conference finals, to cheer on the golden state warriors in san francisco. they won after almost being eliminated. so bernie sanders commented on twitter, he likes comebacks. from our intrepid reporters to a member of trump's campaign we're asking all the questions and hopefully getting all the
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answers. let's go to hallie jackson covering the trump campaign from new york city. you were in the room. it was an eventful press conference, to say the least. give thus blow-by-blow. >> reporter: fireworks. you saw it live on our air. it was clearly contentious and clearly combative. trump clearly upset being held accountable by reporters in the room for that claim he raised $6 million in january, a fund-raiser for veterans that he held because he didn't want to participate in a fox news debate and instead in the same city he held a rally for charitable organizations. we finally got an accounting how much money was raised. 5$5.6 million. he listed one by one each charity he donated to, each organization, at least one organization leader was present in the room and spoke to the media, praising trump and the donations he's made. trump upset about the questions he was receiving. nbc news confirmed at least 11
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of those charities only received those disbursements in the last week or so, fairly recently after trump came under fire for not delivering on the donations. he also waived around, you might have seen it, his own million dollar check, his own money he delivered to one of these vets groups. it took him four month because he was going through the vetting process, to make sure each group was worthy of getting the money he wanted them to receive and that is why there was such a time lapse between the end of january and where we are now almost the beginning of june. for trump all of it really a sign he is previewing what he would be like as president. he admitted himself. he was asked directly is this attitude tone what you will be like in the white house briefing room if you win in november. i'm paraphrasing. this is me. i'm not going to change and blasted not just members of the media but members of his own party in recent weeks.
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new mexico governor martinez, head of the governor's association and former governor mitt romney and conservative writer bill kristol. here is trump talking about them a little while ago. >> i raised a lot of money for mitt romney, made robocalls and speeches for him. he let us down. if you read the front page of the "wall street journal" this weekend, mitt romney looks like a fool. now, why would i say good about mitt romney? she was not nice and i was fine, just a little bit of a jab but she wasn't nice. you think i'm going to change. i'm not changing including with her. >> reporter: i'm not changing trump says, really the point of his discussion when he talked about his fellow conservatives, this idea why would he be nice to people who haven't been nice to him. this speaks to trump's temperament. our polling shows 1 in 10 americans think highly of trump's temperament as
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commander-in-chief, the rest concerned about it, trump supporters sick of the status quo don't seem to mind. they like the fact he will not change. he is who he is when he is running and will be the same way if he is in the white house come november. halle, thanks so much. joining me now from chicago. steve tore ke-- steve cortez, chief strategist. good to see you again. >> thanks for having me, kate. >> let's talk about this event we were talking about with hallie jackson. january 28th when trump said he wouldn't go to the debate and raise money and here we are in june almost four months later and just getting information which organizations received what kind of money from donald trump. one group said they didn't get a phone call until last week about
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this. what took so long? >> i would say this. i never thought i would say i feel sorry for donald trump because he's mostly lived a very charmed life. i actually feel very sorry for him right now nfl he put a million dollars of his own money in and raised about another $5 million and all he's taken for it is a lot of grief from a lot of different sources. did it take too long? perhaps. sadly, there's a lot of malfeasance and scams in the military charity arena. i'm glad they took their time and he's been rather busy in case you didn't notice. >> i understand that. it was january 28th he said we're going to raise all this money. it's hard to understand why it would take so long to vet and so long to decide where that $1 million check goes. he described that organization he gave personally a million dollars to was one he's known for a long time and appeared at events with in new york. it strains cred dullty it takes
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four months to figure out where to give that money. >> i would say in contrast to the clinton campaign, he's run an incredible lean operation, up until now completely self-funded. in terms of staffing issues he can't do this by himself. they've been incredibly stret stretched and i can tell you that from my interactions, they have been running around the clock and traveling around the world running for office. the point is he did get it done and done so much to help veterans. if you were to go into american legion hall and ask them are they happy with the present v.a. and how this administration has treated veterans and appreciative how donald trump has done, i think you will get very favorable trump responses. >> he took issue with the media time and again. why is it unfair for the media to check? we would do that if hillary clinton raised money for the t vets and we've done that with
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the clinton foundation over and over again. why is it unfair to do that with trump? >> it's not unfair. i don't think he thinks it's unfair to investigate these matters. what is unfair, a presumption of guilt with the mainstream media, presumption of gift with h-- of coast with him and innocence on the other side. >> i would take issue with that. i don't think there's a presumption of guilt. our job is to be reporters -- or presumption of innocence -- our job is to do our home work and research and see if somebody has an event where the money goes. >> kate, i've been around tv a long long time and met many many produc producers, i can count on possibly two hands and maybe one hand the number of conservative producers i met versus those who lean left. >> why does it matter whether someone's registered conservative, democrat or republican if they're a reporter. we don't have to get into a
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whole debate here, steve. my job as i see it is to report the facts and things that happen in the world an not to give my judgment on facts but report them. that's what my colleagues have been doing as we've been trying to track down where this money went and what took so long. >> listen, kate, from what i've seen of your work you certainly do that very fairly. there are some that don't. the new york city in particular has been incredibly biased and incredibly sloppy with reporting on donald trump. he's mad about it and he's just combative in nature generally. i think in this cycle because the american people are so anxious and mad and slow growth and so many problems, i think they are really embracing a combatting fighting president. in this case, i think it's an attribute. >> let me ask you about this and let me play a little bit of the press conference earlier and trump did go after individual reporters. >> you know my opinion of the media, it's very low.
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i like scrutiny. you know what, when i raised money -- excuse me, excuse me, i've watched you on television, you're a real beauty. i think the political press is among the most dishonest i've ever met. this sleazy -- >> is this what it will be like if your president? >> it is. >> one asked about trump's temperament. only 12% gave him high marks for having the right temperament to be president. doesn't he need to boost that number and she he has a presidential temperament and do scenes like that lead people to show he doesn't? >> yes. i would say should he get a bit more genial, yes. but i think his nature has served him well so far getting the nomination and winning the white house. americans have been -- i tell you what, republicans, keep to it my side of the aisle. republicans have been sending very polite conservatives to washington, d.c. for a very long
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time and gotten run over by k-street and run over by the democrats. it might be time to send a fighter. he is a counter-puncher, you go after donald trump he answers back and harder. he's the floyd mayweather political campaigning and so far served him well and i think will continue to. >> steve perez, nice to have your perspective. thank you. >> thank you. national political reporter for the "washington post." let's talk a little bit more about what we saw today. some involves your newspaper, your colleague last week who wrote about the january fund-raiser and found only $3 million, as of last week, had actually been distributed to veterans groups whereas donald trump said that night they raised substantially more than that. do you think there's a link between the article in the "washington post" last week and what we saw today? >> my colleague, david, has done some excellent reporting on all of this. the link is that donald trump is trying to figure out a way to
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respond to a lot of the scrutiny about this event that goes back to january. >> so if there had been no article last week we might not have seen the press conference today? >> i think the press conference, i haven't spoken to trump or his people about this, but certainly a reaction to david's reporting and recoporting by others. i think what we're seeing right now is donald trump trying to transition to the general election but still remaining a combative figure, someone who likes to clash with the press and who does not really have a message of the day intradigsal sense but fights. >> he an tagnizes the press, as our last guest alluded to. we're a great punching bag. >> trump certainly seems to enjoy these news conferences not just the political combat but you look at the coverage online and television and elsewhere of this news conference and others like it, you really see trump trying to saturate the airway,
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dominate the national political conversation. i think it reflects what trump is doing, which is running a campaign largely through the media, not through the usual y ways of advertising in certain states or emphasizing a grassroots organization. >> let me ask you something over the weekend in case people were off at barbecues and picnics and might not have seen this. bill kristol put out a tweet promising there will be an independent candidate, impressive one with a strong team and a real chance. what's your reporting on that today? do we have an independent candidate coming? >> not at the moment. i hear some conservative writers and intellectuals have been talking to kristol getting in the race, and figures close to mitt romney say romney is unlikely to do it. and mike pompeyio, the conservative congressman, his office told me he's not doing it. the nebraska senator is not doing it. that list is pretty small. maybe someone most people in the country haven't heard of. >> we have news on new mexico governor, gary johnson and
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former governor of massachusetts, they got the nod to be the libertarian ticket. there is already sort of independent ticket out there, libertarian ticket. is this the best moment they've ever had as a party? is this their one chance to make a dent? >> it could be. they will be challenged to see if there's broad appeal for the message. as we saw over the weekend, many libertarian not entirely enthusiastic about governor johnson and governor weld, former moderate libertarian. there are some libertarian purists who say maybe this is not our guys and we'll see if they expand their appeal. >> thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> after the break, we check in on the democrat race, sanders outspending clinton in california but she has just p k picked up a big endorsement, governor jerry brown. things weren't always so great.
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here's a flashback in 1992. >> he is funneling money to his wife's law firm for state business, number one. >> i don't care what you say about me. you ought to be ashamed of yourself for jumping on my wife. >> i tell you something, mr. clinton, don't try to escape it. ralph nader called me this afternoon and read me the article from the "washington post." i was shocked by it. >> does that make it true? i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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problem is, we haven't figured out how to reverse it. for now, just log on to plug in some simple info and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest and hit purchase. now... if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders hard at work trying to win over voters in california ahead of that state's primary one week from today. sanders is holding three events in california. clinton has no public events but she did pick up a key endorsement from california governor jerry brown today. let's get right to nbc's kristen welker covering the clinton
12:19 pm
campaign from brooklyn, new york. >> reporter: they the-- hey the kate. it is a big endorsement. statewide he has a 56% approval ra rating. let me read to you the endorsement to secretary clinton. he writes the stakes couldn't be higher, our country faces an extensional threat from climate change and the spread of nuclear weapons and a new cold war is on the hirnz. this is no time for democrats to keep fighting each other. the general election has already begun. hillary clinton with her long experience especially as secretary of state has a firm grasp of the issues and will be prepared to lead our country on day one. the crux of his argument is this is about taking on donald trump. you increasingly here secretary clinton's surrogates and supporters putting pressure on senator sand others to get out of this race for that very reason. senator sanders defiant saying he's not going anywhere, he will fight this race to the very end.
12:20 pm
he's been putting up a real fight in california where the polls do show a very tight race. one poll shows secretary clinton up by two points and another poll shows her with a more comfortable lead of 13 points. bottom line, the clinton campaign isn't very comfortable. that's why she's adding more events and will go on a five-day campaign swing starting thursday and you can expect to see her and her surrogates out aggressively trying to win that state. >> kristen welker in brooklyn. quick programming note here. hillary clinton will join chris hayes for a live one-on-one interview in our next hour, 4:00 p.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. let's turn now to nbc steve patterson covering the sanders campaign from santa cruz, california, sanders holding a rally later this afternoon. we're just getting in new quotes from bernie sanders, not on camera but quotes he's given to the press, talking about jerry brown and the endorsement of hillary clinton. sanders says it's not surprising
12:21 pm
to me, that we will have the democratic establish supporting hillary clinton. also says he likes governor brown but dismissing it as more establish support for clinton. what are you hearing out of the sanders camp? >> reporter: same thing, from the sanders camp and people who support bernie sanders, they expect this sort of stuff. he also said pretty much everywhere he had to fight, he also had to fight not only donald trump, hillary clinton, also the establish, again, putting the governor in that camp. he's kind of doing what his supporters expect him to do, which is to fight the establish. that's been the strategy from all along especially in california where part of it is really to outhustle hillary clinton, to outspend her, to outhustle her, move different events all around the state, really, part of the strategy is to blanket the state in bernie sanders events. he wants to put at least 200,000 californians in front of bernie sanders before the june 7th primary. so far, they're already over
12:22 pm
100,000. you see here another packed arena. we've been asking people in these crowds. bernie doesn't necessarily have the math at this point, he doesn't have the super delegates, he doesn't have the pledged delegates, he doesn't have the unpledged delegates, lacking in the popular vote. while he's surging here, a lot of people are here for the revolution, a lot of people my age and younger don't have really any party affiliation and they're here to hear his message. part of that is one of being in the fourth quarter and surrou surrounding yourself in a situation in which you can win. he's comparing himself to the golden state warriors. he was at the game last night and here's what he said. >> when he they're down three games to one, they turned it around. that is what we're going to do as well. a very good omen for our campaign. >> reporter: we've also heard sanders say even if he loses the state of california, he is going to push all the way to the convention in philadelphia.
12:23 pm
he is sticking with this. so are his supporters, kate. >> all right. steve patterson out with the bernie sanders campaign. thanks so much. we are less than two months from the democratic national convention and the turf wars between clinton and sanders are heating up. we'll talk to someone in the middle of it all when we come right back. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number
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a loan would take too long. we needed money, now. my amex card helped me buy the ingredients to fill the orders. opportunities don't wait around, so you have to be ready for them. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at bernie sanders won a major concession by the democratic national committee last week by receiving 5 of the 15 seats on the platform committee. now he wants more. on friday, sanders lawyers sent a letter to the dnc demanding connecticut governor, dan malloy be removed as co-chair and former massachusetts congressman barney frank be removed as co-chair of the so-called rules committee of the convention. the letter says they both have both been aggressive attack surrogates for the clinton campaign and their criticism for
12:27 pm
senator sanders have gone beyond dispassion at ideologic agreement and exposed personal hostility toward the senator and the campaign. it goes on to say if they are not removed the sanders campaign will use key positions and slow business to a halt. the dnc responded to that letter saying it failed to meet the criteria from removing frank and malloy from their positions and they hold them now. joining me now, former congressman barney frank, who is a hillary clinton supporter. nice to see you again. the letter they sent cited individual things you have said over the years, some attacks, they would say, you've made on sanders, going back to 1991. they cite a recent interview from slate where you were asked if clinton should release her wall street speeches and your response was quote yeah, but i don't think anybody is really against her because she won't. by the way, i think sanders has
12:28 pm
been outrageously mccarthyite on that. the sanders campaign says comments like that mean you're not neutral in all of this, you can't be supportive of both clinton and sanders as you approach your job as co-chair of the rules committee. can you be neutral? >> in enforcing the rules, absolutely. i'm sorry, but we're getting an echo here. >> i apologize for that. can you hear me okay? >> i can hear you. can you hear me? >> you're hearing yourself back. >> i'm sorry, i'm getting feedback, i apologize, it seems to be okay. i apologize. >> that's okay. my question was a basic one. they said you can't be nu tral. >> i apologize. at my age my powers of concentration don't allow me to listen to you and me at the same time. i can be very neutral enforcing the rules. senator sanders has never been
12:29 pm
to a democratic convention and doesn't understand what the rules committee does, a low functioning committee, simply the parliamentary procedure committee. that letter he sent that supposedly has this long history of hostility. it's true in 1991 i was critical on a point he now concedes then saying there's no difference between democrats and republicans. he was not in line with either party. he quickly learned there are real differences and agreed to work with democrats. subsequent to that, many years after that, at senator sanders success, he was then congressman sanders, i went to burlington, vermont to do a fund-raiser for him. there's this unbroken list of hostility, i went to burlington, vermont and had a fund-raiser for him. actually, i think maybe he wants to release the list of people that went to the fund-raiser, i went there as a senior member of the banking committee and a b k banker or two may have slipped
12:30 pm
in. the jobs of the rules committee is make sure the parliamentary rules of the u.s. house are applied. i'm good at that. i've been a chairman. it has nothing to do with who gets the nomination and nothing to do with any issues that can affect the nomination. >> the rules committee does set the rules you will follow through the whole convention? >> it does not. sorry. that's a mistake. the rules are already set. it is the applying of the rules. for instance the question about super delegates. that's already established. the rules committee i will be co-chairing has nothing to say about the role of the super delegates going forward or whether we should have primaries or caucuses. i think we should change both those and have more primaries and fewer caucuses, because primaries are more democratic. i don't like superdelegates, never have. the rules complete doesn't do that. they simply says here are the rules already set. we don't set the rules and we apply the rules and some rules are somewhat complicated parliamentary rules of the house
12:31 pm
of representatives i'm one of the few people understands having done that. none of the issues you might raise whether superdelegates should go or not that's not within the jurisdiction of the rules committee. >> what about passage of the platform when you're trying to decide what the party stands for and statements out of the convention, doesn't the rules committee have some say how those votes go? >> the rules committee -- yes, it has to stay that the rules already in place, the parliamentary rules are to be followed. i am one of the people who are enfor enforcing. that means -- i've been a chairman in tough situations and, yes, i can apply the rules fairly. the point is that the platform -- the rules about the platform simply say the majority wins. i'm sorry but there's absolutely no discretion to rule out anything or not. the rules -- the platform committee, that's a more important committee, they will say if you get certain number of votes on the platform committee
12:32 pm
or certain number of delegations this goes to the floor and there's a vote. there's no rules issue about it. >> senator sanders as you know is complaining about that committee as well, he would like governor malloy to be removed and dnc said, no, that's not happening. his point is he's won 21 states, over 10 million votes through this whole process. he would say he has a movement behind him and he feels like he's being sidelined when it comes to the convention he's not getting enough power on these. >> i understand you want to change the subject from the one we were just on but i do want to reemphasize there is nothing the rules committee can do to influence how the platform is decided other than to fairly apply the rules. as far as the votes, it's true he's got a lot of votes, of course, hillary clinton has gotten significantly more votes. he's not being sidelined in any way. he will go to the convention and the rules will apply. in fact he was just given five seats on the platform committee although i must say i regretted
12:33 pm
one of those he chose, cornell west is one of the most bitter critics of president obama, i thousand that very regettable, mr. west impugned president obama's commitment as african-american to civil rights. that was sanders' right to do that. nothing we are talking about sidelined him. he will go there with his delega delegates, have fewer than hillary clinton because he won fewer votes and delegates. under the rules his people can offer platform amendments and have this debate and nominate him and make speeches about him and have roll call and he will get votes. he hasn't been sidelined at all. my job is to make sure you don't get involved in a parliamentary snarl where people look bad, rules are fair rules and don't help one person or another just make sure under the rules if he has a certain number of delegates either on the platform committee or on the floor he can offer amendments to the platform. my job is to make sure that right is fully protected. there's no sidelining. >> i was going to say you seem to be saying essentially he's
12:34 pm
making a big deal out of something that is not that big of a deal. >> yes. i'll tell you why. >> what does that say about your par party? >> it says something about him. here's what it says. senator sanders is disappointed that he hasn't won. he is losing. he is losing not because of any trickery or rigged, he's losing because hillary clinton has gotten more votes. one of the things senator sanders didn't pay attention to is black votes matter. there's been a very large african-american vote for clinton as well as others, as a result he has more votes. i'm disappointed. i think he has a right to stay in, never said he should stay out. i think he should talk about the issues he wants to focus and not make the bogus claim he's being cheated. this focus on dan malloy and me has to do with i think some of his people wanting to claim he was cheated when he's losing, if he loses, on the up and up, he's lost because the process has worked. i have said all along if senator
12:35 pm
sanders got more pledged delegates than hillary clinton i would oppose the super delegates nominating her. her beat over him is based on pledged delegates won in votes. i think what you have here is a diversion airy tactic to try and take away to give an alternative explanation to why he's losing. >> does that mean it will be hard for him to support hillary clinton do you think in the end? >> hard, yeah. personally, look, the biggest lie politicians tell, it's not i'm going to cut your taxes or pick up your garbage, oh, yeah, we ran against each other but we're still good friends. there's nothing about running against each other that avoids enmity. given his values, he's a man that believes in what he thinks, the need for a supreme court justice to overturn citizens you need and lbgt rights and climate
12:36 pm
change and major infrastructure program out there and holding taxes down for middle income people and raising them for the rich, all those issues as he himself has said donald trump would be a disaster. hillary clinton is a, not where he would like her to be but b way ahead of donald trumpen every issue. it's inconceivable to me after 25 years in congress in his career bernie sanders would do anything other than make sure hillary clinton defeated donald trump. would he be totally happy about it? in our heart of hearts we sometimes do the right thing without going home and cheering about it. no question he's man of integrity and principle and inconceivable he would do anything other than try to defeat donald trump. >> barney frank from massachusetts, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. a gorilla killed after a toddler fell into this is enclosure. jeff corwin weighs in after the break.
12:37 pm
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after that chilling video of a child over the weekend, authorities just announced the incident is being investigated by the cincinnati police department. joined by jeff corwin, nice to see you. >> good afternoon. >> a very complicated situation, the zoo ended up shooting and killing that gorilla and stood by that in a press conference yesterday. where do you stand how the zoo acted? >> you're exactly right, a very complicated situation with lots of tenuous layers, it was a very highly energized moment of chaos and jeopardy and unfortunately, and a most gut-wrenching heartbreaking way, it ended catastrophically for this gorilla, which i would like to say through no fault of its own lost its life. this creature was just being a
12:41 pm
gorilla, wasn't running around the city king kong style, wasn't being aggressive, found itself in the situation. unfortunately the folks that work there they felt they were in a position they didn't have an alternative. >> could they have used a tranquilizer of some sort or is that just not what you do? >> that is the great question everyone wants answered. of course, we see the little video clips taken from people's cell phone and we try to string that together and find answers to this tragic scenario, as it played out. the truth is i've been there in the wild, i've seen animals tranquilized, i did it for msnbc for "100 heartbeats" when we tracked rhinos and elephants. this is very hard to do, never mind in a wild situation you have an animal that isn't aware you're there, here, you have this moment of this chaotic n l nailstrom of activity, there's no way i think they could have deployed that. keep in mind, people think it's
12:42 pm
instantaneous, right? the truth is, it could take numerous minutes. i've seen animals wait 15 minutes before they're fully se dated and safe to approach. what if they had missed and accidentally hit the child with a dosage designed for a 450 pound animal. they laid out owl thall this an examined it all. in the end they felt they only had one alternative. it ended in a most terrible way. some could argue, those perhaps that have children that it could have ended worse. >> it's being investigated by the cincinnati police, a lot of faults, who's at fault, the mother at fault? the mother saying she's facing a tirade and just took her eye off him for a moment. as a parent at the zoo, what do you and i take away from all this? do we watch our kids more closely or change the enclosure? what do you take away?
12:43 pm
>> it's so easy to armchair the answer as a tuesday afternoon quarterback, isn't it? i'm a parent. i have two kids. you have children, you know, you turn your head and they're gone like that and you find them in the grocery store or beneath the for sale items at a department store. when we're in a situation like this, we're all responsible for our children but i don't think you can blame the parent here. keep in mind the cincinnati zoo is a blue ribbon zoo, a member of the aza. its facilities have been certified by both the usda and aza 140 years they've been in operation. they had hundreds of thousands of visitors over 150 years. this was a terrible tragic moment and hopefully they'll get beyond it and continue their conservation mission. >> jeff corwin, nice to have you with us today. thanks so much. breaking news now on a class action lawsuit alleging donald trump's now defunct trump
12:44 pm
university scammed and defrauded them out of tens of thousands of dollars, a trump university playbook guide was just released after the judge ordered the documents unsealed. the order was requested by the "washington post" and decision after a weekend of attacks from trump calling the judge in that case quote a hater and saying he was mexican when in fact he was wo born in chicago. he was asked about it at a press conference this morning. >> the jumping has been very unfair, not done a good job, done a very bad job and been very unfair and i will win the trump university case, i already am -- because i don't care. you know what, why antagonist? i don't care. i have a judge who's very very unfair. you'll see it in court docume documents. i have a judge who's very very unfair. he knows he's unfair and i'll win the trump university case. i could settle that case. i could have settled it, i just choose not to. >> msnbc chief legal
12:45 pm
correspondent ari melber joins me live following all this. what's the most newsworthy thing we're getting out of these new docume documents? >> we just got the materials. what emerges is a picture of a very aggressive marketing and sales technique not the kind of thing people associate with most traditional universities, i have quotes i'll read straight from the trump playbook newly exposed. his lawyers fought to keep this from coming out in the public domain. here's what they told people selling trump university, make sure you maintain control of the conversation, don't let people take control of the conversation, be very aggressive in order to push people out of their comfort zone. here's another example of the sales techniques we're seeing straight out of this new release from trump university's marke r marketers, because we decide what happens in a seminar an attendee must react to what we say. they don't have a choice, have an attack plan. believe that you're products and services are the best in the
12:46 pm
market. i also found a discussion on how to close. i'll mention in fairness, in certain types of real estate and other sales programs you do see aggressive work trying to get people to close. that's not necessarily improper or illegal although again pretty different than normal university context. here's how they describe this. if a customer starts getting nervous over the fine print, avoid interrupting him. if you see someone furrowing their brow when they're reading the fine print and feel a red flag about uh-oh, they're nervous about the fine print, better say something, the trump advisors say if we give into fear it gives away our offensive positions and puts us on the defensive. if tai are reading or filling out the form they're going in the right direction. it will do more harm than good if you keep trying to sell it. the last one i want to read to you, newly exposed because a judge ordered this over donald trump's objections, goes all about emotion about selling trump university but it may remind people of some of the other sales techniques in
12:47 pm
politics, he advises people selling the trump products it has to hurt enough, the operation of resolving pain is itself a painful process. if the pain is below this threshold the patient in this case the customer will continue to suffer instead of accept any treatment. you don't sell products, benefits or solutions. you sell feelings. when we make any decision including the buy decision we do so by emotional process. the point of decision is always emotional and usually su subconscious. pretty aggressive sales techniques we're seeing there. i wouldn't describe this vastly different we knew about trump university but legally these are some of the sales techniques trump lawyers were fighting to keep from being in the light of day. >> ari melber watching all of that and we will continue to pour through those documents. back right after this. which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry.
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>> i felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. i feel something terrible has happened. >> a ubik wittous line, whether you're "star wars" obsessed like i am, or you barely know it from "star trek," you cannot escape it. former adviser to president obama wrote the book on "star wars," literally, and what the film series reveals about politics, religion, and family. it's called "the world according to star wars." thank you very much for being
12:55 pm
with us. we are obsessed with your new book. it's a deep dive into the world of "star wars." you knew "star wars," you loved it a little, you about you have ju -- but you have just dived right in there. what led you to do this book? >> my then 5-year-old boy, i loved it a little, you're exactly right. to see it through the eyes of a 5-year-old, the awe and wonder, it got to me. >> the introduction reads, "star wars" knows that republics can be highly fragile and empires too and that the success of rebellions often turns on small decisions and irrelevant factors. we read that in the context of politics and this election, seems to be a ring of truth when it comes to this election? >> completely. i knew president obama when he was at the university of chicago. while he had a ton of promise, a lot of things had to break right
12:56 pm
for him to become president of the united states. i think the same is unquestionably true for mr. trump. his success depended on a bunch of things, some of which were serendipitous, an accident. hillary clinton has a big name, but if things had gone a little more sour she would not be in the good position he's in right now. >> you write that when george lucas was making "star wars," he was interested in what causes a democracy to turn itself over to a tyrant. bear with me here, there are some who would say that donald trump is a tyrant. he's been called even worse than that. then he would say that he's the voice of the people, that he's the rebels. do you see it fit any other way? >> completely. so what george lucas, the mastermind behind "star wars" studied was history and the importance of separation of powers. his idea was if you have a blocked legislature, that can't do things about, say, free trade, which was lucas's
12:57 pm
interests, or the movement of goods and persons, then you have circumstances right for a strong manner, a tough guy. you can see this for those who are trump supporters as an opportunity for someone to set things right and get things orderly and unchaotic again. that's the happy view of the strong man, or you can see it as lucas did, as deeply threatening to liberty. and lucas is really making a plea in this flash gordon-like series, he's making a big plea for republics and not empires and making a strong plea against authoritarian leaders. >> thank you very much for stopping by. the book is called "the world according to star wars." >> thank you. >> that's going to do it for me. be sure to stick around. my colleague chris hayes is up next and he will be joined, as we mentioned, by hillary clinton.
12:58 pm
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